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“Our goal is to fulfill the Fund’s responsibility and commitment to excellence in providing and maintaining quality benefits for the health and welfare of our members and their families.”

Manager: Diane D’Onofrio Delgado

Administrative Assistant: Rose Colasuonno

Benefits at a Glance

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Open Enrollment

September is Open Enrollment Month for members to add eligible spouses and dependents to the Welfare Fund’s Supplemental Dental Coverage

Enrollment for September of 2020 begins Sept 1st and ends on Sept 28th. All forms and documentation must be received by this date.

In January 1979, following the formation of the New Rochelle FUSE, the New Rochelle FUSE Welfare Fund (originally established in 1968 by UTNR), was expanded. The Welfare Fund was created to provide various benefits that would not otherwise be afforded to City School District Employees.

The funds to provide those benefits are derived from the Board of Education through the process of collective bargaining and are strictly separated from all other union funds. The Fund benefits that members enjoy are the result of the success of the FUSE negotiations on behalf of its members.

Presently, the Fund provides dental, optical, hearing, life, accidental death, and dismemberment benefits. Click on this link to see your benefits at a glance.

The day to day business of the Fund is managed by Diane D’Onofrio Delgado, the Fund Manager, under the auspices of the Board of Trustees. The Fund retains legal, actuarial and third party claim administrative professional services.

The Welfare Fund continues to provide important benefits to our members through the negotiations process by the FUSE. As the FUSE remains strong and vital, so does the Welfare Fund.

On the left side of this page are printable claim forms for your doctors, open enrollment forms and information about coverage. Please review our many other benefits.

Summary Plan Description (SPD)
Statement of Grandfathered Status
AFLAC Group Specified Disease Booklet
1800MD: Activating Your Account
1800MD: Member Information
Stacey Braun Financial Counseling Program
HIPPA Privacy Notice

There are many ways in which the Fund protects you. Please review them before you need them.

“The Welfare Fund strives to engage our members and to provide benefits and services to them so that they may have healthy, safe, and stable lives.  Know your benefits and all that they entitle you too. Take advantage of these benefits that were established for the Welfare of the membership of FUSE and their families. Be strong in body, mind and soul.”

Diane Delgado

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