Being a Building Representative

Being a building representative is an opportunity to be a leader and problem solver in your school community.

If you are thinking about running for your school’s building committee, congratulations! Being a building representative is an opportunity to be a leader and problem solver in your school community. To be a good building rep, you

Be knowledgeable

One way to be in the know is to attend building meetings and monthly building rep meetings. Lots of information flows through people at these meetings. And, know the the contract. Study it; annotate it. Also ask more seasoned members. If you don’t know something, reach out and find out. You need to know what the contract says, and you need to know what is happening in your building and in the district. The more you familiar you are, the better of an advocate you can be.

Be a communicator

Communicate what you know to members. Make sure they know what’s going on. Communicate what members tell you at reps meetings and to leadership as needed. You are the direct link between FUSE leadership and the membership. Help make sure that communication between FUSE and members flows freely.

Be an organizer

Know who in your building you can count on to get the word out on important issues. Don’t just distribute and post materials. Involve members in activities. Conduct meetings with your team of representatives. They don’t always know what is happening behind the scenes and may not realize the things that have been done in their behalf. If you’ve been able to solve a system wide issue, make sure your members know it. If something is going to take longer than you thought, update your members so that they know that it’s still being wrestled with. Plan for the future: identify teachers who might be interested in running for building rep in the future.

Be a problem solver

You will find yourself involved in monitoring day to day activities, keeping members informed about FUSE policies, communicating to your building in meetings about what’s happening, meeting with building administrators to iron out building issues and handling grievance issues when the come up. You will gain skills in these areas through practice and experience. Seek out assistance from leadership and more senior building reps. Don’t go it alone with your administration.

Be a friend

Create relationships in your building and across buildings. We can help each other when we know each other. The more you connect with others, the more you can help your colleagues and they can help you. Be an active member of the FUSE community.

Everyone should serve on their building committee at some point.

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