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Many members have inquired as to legal services provided by the FUSE or by the Welfare Fund.  At this time, there are no legal benefits that we provide. There are, however, opportunities through NYSUT and through the AFT that our members may take advantage of for a nominal fee.  Also, please remember that the Welfare Fund still provides six hours of FREE financial counseling to our active members through Stacey Braun. These fiduciary counselors can advise members who are considering making a will or forming a trust.

AFT: AFT + legal services makes it easy for members and their families to get the legal help they need to avoid and solve legal problems—and usually for free! One toll-free call or visit to the Web puts you in touch with a nationwide network law offices that offer free 30-minute consultations and discounted services.
888-993-8866   oR

NYSUT:NYSUT Member Benefits offers expert legal assistance that can assist you with everything from preparing crucial estate planning documents to dealing with traffic violations?

The NYSUT Member Benefits Trust-endorsed Legal Service Plan — provided by the law firm of Feldman, Kramer & Monaco, P.C. — offers access to a national network of attorneys that deal with personal legal matters. For an annual fee, the Legal Service Plan offers unlimited access to toll-free legal advice weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST) as well as a toll-free hotline for urgent legal assistance outside of these hours.
800-626-8101  OR

1. Telephone advice & consultation with an attorney
2. Two, free, hour-long office consultations with a National Legal Office attorney or local referral attorney
3. Legal letters written & phone calls made on your behalf
4. Guaranteed maximum fees for specific legal matters
5. Discounts for uncontested estates — probate
6. Nationwide referral attorney network

7. Legal Security Package that includes a Simple Will, Health Care Proxy, Living Will, and Power of Attorney
8. Guaranteed hourly rates
9. Advice on identity theft prevention and for identity theft victims
10. Assistance with debt consolidation
11. Assistance with mortgage foreclosure
12. Discounts for personal injury cases
13. Document preparation at fixed rates
14. Preventive Law Guide newsletter (published three times per year)
15. Optional Riders for Elder Law & Business Protection

STACEY BRAUN FINANCIAL COUNSELING:6 hours FREE financial counseling advice available (at present by phone or facetime) FREE to Welfare Fund active members888-949-1925

Please visit these sites if you are interested in obtaining legal advice and/or services.

Stay Well,

Diane D’Onofrio DelgadoWelfare Fund Manager

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