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Getting Ready To Return

Learn what the Welfare Fund does for you

Providing for our Members

The Welfare Fund provides dental, optical, hearing, life, accidental death, and dismemberment benefits, supplemental health benefits, telemedicine, financial counseling, and an employee assistance program.

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Learn what your union does for members

Support for All Stages

Whether you have just become a member, adding to your family, considering a leave, thinking about retiring, FUSE is here to help you with information and support at every stage of your career.

Learn what your union does for community

Community Outreach

FUSE is active in the community. We have several initiatives, and we partner with others support the New Rochelle community,

Learn what you can do for your union

Getting Involved

Are you thinking about getting more involved in union activities? The first place to start is consider running for building rep. Learn what activists are doing in the state and around the country and around the country. Become knowledgeable about issues that impact you and other members.

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